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John/Dave Fic Recommendation!!


22 fics to get this started

(i’m not at my home computers so there’s a lot to add because lol i don’t bookmark fics on my grandparents computer)


Marvelous Things : T, CUTE GOD DAMmit. Getting together story. 

Blessing From the Neck Up: T, non-sburb AU in which dave ends up being a total dick 

The Complex Art Of Playing House :T, non-sburb AU, in which john has a kid and is the cutest thing ever 

Fold It Up & Take It With You : NSFW, postscratch!john/postscratch!dave

Runaways : T, Runawaystuck

Like Forgetting the Words  : T, Sadstuck

The Art of Daguerrotypy : G, Rose POV, photography

The Moon Asked The Crow : T, non-sburb AU

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit : NSFW, pining dave, very pornographic journal entries. ye. 

The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast: T, if you haven’t read this by now i don’t even know what you’re doing 

One Shoe, Two Shoe, Red Shoe, Blue Shoe: NSFW, D/s

Fix You : T, Davesprite/John. Sadstuck. 

John Egbert’s Uncooperative Junk : NSFW, basically dave helps john get off…

Hollaback Girl: NSFW, cheerleader!dave… 

A Lesser Man : G, CUDDLES. 

Little Secrets : G, Pillow forts and dancing 

Untitled JohnDave fluff : G, Pretty much exactly what it sounds like

Dave: YOU RAP TO THAT BOY : G, dorky rap confessions


In Love With Your Kiss : Slight NSFW

Untitled Mute Dave : NSFW, mute!dave


I’ll be adding to this when i get home and eventually write better summaries or whatever 

but it’s 3:30 am


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